Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ohana Reads Check In!


  Hello everyone! Long time no see:) 

  It's officially been 4 months since I started Ohana Reads, and I must say I didn't expect such a great turn out. I thought maybe at this point I would have maybe a dozen or so followers, but no just look at all you guys:) So I would thank you guys for your support so far and am so happy that you guys come to me for your bookish excitement and news. I hope you guys will continue to come back to Ohana Reads and fangirl/fanboy over the book awesomeness with me:)

  While you're still here I need some advice. I've been thinking that my blog might need a little saucing up. Most of the time my posts are reviews and the odd cover reveal or snippet from my author friends. 

   So I was wondering what do you guys want to see on Ohana Reads?  

   Interviews? Guest Posts? Blog Tours? Video Reviews? Weekly Postings? What? 

   I can do more unique things as well, maybe a section for book photography? Like the picture in the post? Maybe you guys want to request stuff? 

   Either way you guys tell me, either comment on this post or Tweet me on Twitter @OhanaReads

   ALSO before you go, I have a giveaway going on, on Twitter so be sure to check that out!
   I can't wait to hear back from you guys!

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