Review Policies:

***Currently Not Accepting Book Review Requests and/or Blog Tour/Author Interview Requests***

   I accept reviews for almost any types of books. I prefer YA books, but will review adult/NA books on occasion. If someone puts in a request for review of an adult/NA novel I will consider it, but will make no promises.

   Books I enjoy: fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, romance, etc. As long as it's YA I will always consider it.

   Books I don't enjoy: Non-fiction, middle grade (I'm just REALLY picky about middle grade novels.)

   I will review self published books. They will be considered like any other books.

   I only accept hardcopies ( Hardcovers, paperbacks, ARCs)

   I do NOT except ebooks or e-arcs.

   ** I DO except ARCs**

   All books given to me will not be bias when I review it. I will do my best to be as honest as possible without being cruel or rude.

   Contact me at ohanareads@gmail.com
   Please put somewhere in the subject line "Ohana Reads Reviews" otherwise the email might be considered trash/spam.

   Thank you for considering me as a reviewer for your book! :)

Giveaway Policies:

   Occasionally I will do giveaways hosted by me, so I will have a few rules.

   You must be 16 or older to enter, any one younger then 16 may enter with adult permission.

   Please don't cheat or lie, ex. Don't lie about where you live, if my contest says only CA/US then I will not send it to someone in the UK.

   If you have a friend or family member in one of the countries that I can send the prize too and they're willing to ship it to you when they receive it. Then feel free to enter the giveaway. just let me know in the comments or on a tweet if you're doing this.

   No giveaway users please. (ex. Your Twitter handle only consists of giveaway tweets.)

   I am not responsible if the prize gets lost, stolen or damaged in the mail. It's not my fault and I can't do anything about it. I will not replace the lost, stolen or damaged prize.

   You have 48 hours to respond to my email if you've won a prize from me. Otherwise I will pick someone else.

   I will mostly use Rafflecopter so I will always be checking to see if you actually did what you entered for.

   I have a life outside of my blog, so if it takes a while to receive your prize please don't worry. I might not have had time to make it to the post office that week or something else could have intervened. I will mostly email you before I send the prize out.

   That's all you really need to know about giveaways... if you have any more questions email me at:


Publishers & Authors:

   If you are a publisher or author and I have reviewed one of your books then feel free to take and use my review for your own use. As long as you have clearly stated that the review is written by Ohana Reads, and is my own property.

   When using my review, please keep the whole review together unless of course you are quoting it.

   In some form or another, please let me know that you have in fact used my review for whatever use. A quick mail or message on social media works perfectly.

   If you have any questions, please email ohanareads@gmail.com

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