Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

Release Date: March 6th, 2017
Read: September 6th-7th, 2017
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Series: Standalone
Format: ARC, 320 pages
Source: McNally Robinson

Description from GoodReads:

   Welcome to the cursed town of Sparrow…

   Where, two centuries ago, three sisters were sentenced to death for witchery. Stones were tied to their ankles and they were drowned in the deep waters surrounding the town.

   Now, for a brief time each summer, the sisters return, stealing the bodies of three weak-hearted girls so that they may seek their revenge, luring boys into the harbor and pulling them under.

   Like many locals, seventeen-year-old Penny Talbot has accepted the fate of the town. But this year, on the eve of the sisters’ return, a boy named Bo Carter arrives; unaware of the danger he has just stumbled into.

   Mistrust and lies spread quickly through the salty, rain-soaked streets. The townspeople turn against one another. Penny and Bo suspect each other of hiding secrets. And death comes swiftly to those who cannot resist the call of the sisters.

   But only Penny sees what others cannot. And she will be forced to choose: save Bo, or save herself.


   Do you ever think about leaving this town?
   I am always subconsciously seeking out mermaid and witch books, that is how The Wicked Deep came to my attention, and of course the gorgeous cover. I'm a sucker for covers with moons, stars and trees. 
   When it comes to villains or the bad guy, I really enjoy learning about their story and how they get to where they were, how they became who they are. The Wicked Deep was perfect for that because we got two different kinds of chapter styles, flashbacks to the past, which focused on the three sisters' history, and the present with the protagonist Penny. Shea Ernshaw wrote the two kinds of chapters perfectly to the point where they both blended together in the end.

   I couldn't help but fall in love with the sisters and their story. They were three independent sisters that would sometimes cause a little mischief, but didn't deserve to die the way they did. The mysteriousness to the sisters made them all that more appealing to me, and I couldn't help but look forward to their chapters.

   I really enjoyed how Shea Ernshaw give the little town the same mysterious vibes as she did the sisters, it made everything that much more entertaining and intriguing. I've read a lot of stories that take place in small unknown towns, and after a while the trend burnt me out, but The Wicked Deep was a refreshing twist on the trend that I'm glad I gave a chance.

   Then finally, I loved the little witch hunt that occurred in the novel. Where all the students attempted to hunt down, and figure out which sister was stowed away in whomever's body. It was a thrill to read about, and I was continuously trying to figure out what sister was where before the characters in the book did. Boy was I wrong!

   Normally standalones don't appeal all that much to me, I, for the most part feel that standalones don't wrap up nicely the way the author intended them too. The Wicked Deep sure showed me differently. The story kept me intrigued, surprised and in love throughout the whole novel.

   The Wicked Deep was a thrilling and magical witch hunt that I'd recommend to all lovers of witches and possibly mermaid tales. I look forward to what Shea Ernshaw has in store for us next!


Favourite Quote:

"If only love were so easily conjured, there wouldn't be so many broken hearts."

Recommend to People Who Enjoy: 

Young Adult, Paranormal, Witches, Mystery Vibes, Magic, Courses, Redemption 

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