Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Wrap Up!

   Hey Y'all!

   So this month was once again a busy one, and I count on the first half of June being the same. For July and August everything should be back to normal again. Either way I had a bunch of exciting stuff happen this month! 
   This month I died in Ikea. Yup you read that right, I died in a Ikea. Adi Alsaid participated this month in Twitter Fiction Fest and used me in his story by killing me off! Let me tell you, when you forget that you signed up to die and start getting interesting tweets on Twitter, you become a little panicked LOL. Overall it was a fun time! You can read Adi's story here!
  BEA was this month! Unfortunately I was not there this year but I will be heading to Chicago for next year! I will finally get to meet some of my close friends from online. Seeing everything that went on this month just made me all that more excited for next year! You know how I designed Adi Alsaids bookmarks? Well a bunch of those were handed out at BEA too! So it was exciting to see them in pictures!
   And finally A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Heir released this month! I'd already read ACOTAR in January and ADORED it but It was fantastic to see everyone else love it as well.
   That was it for this month! I hope your month went as well as mine did!

   Now for the bookish stats!

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June Books I'm Excited For:

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