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Book Review: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

Release Date: September 22nd, 2015
Read: August 24th - September 2nd, 2015
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Series: The Gold Seer Trilogy
Format: Hardcover 432 pages
Source: McNally Robinson/ Two Thumbs Up Program

Description from GoodReads:

    Lee Westfall has a secret. She can sense the presence of gold in the world around her. Veins deep beneath the earth, pebbles in the river, nuggets dug up from the forest floor. The buzz of gold means warmth and life and home—until everything is ripped away by a man who wants to control her. Left with nothing, Lee disguises herself as a boy and takes to the trail across the country. Gold was discovered in California, and where else could such a magical girl find herself, find safety? 

    Walk on Earth a Stranger, the first book in this new trilogy, introduces—as only Rae Carson can—a strong heroine, a perilous road, a fantastical twist, and a slow-burning romance. Includes a map and author’s note on historical research.


   When this cough settles, when this cough settles, when this cough settles.
   Walk on Earth a Stranger was another one of those books that every blogger wanted when they heard ARCs were released. Of course Rae Carson's original series was supposed to be fabulous, because I hadn't read that series yet I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel about this one. Even though I felt that way, I still couldn't help but give myself a self five when I was able to snag a copy from McNally Robinson's Two Thumbs Up program.
   I've always been a sucker for books that are written when the main character is on a adventure or is traveling, you just get to see so much more then when you're stuck in one location. Not to mention you get to experience more in your surroundings. With Walk on Earth a Stranger you got to adventure from one side of the US to another, from the East to the West. So obviously you encountered a lot of different scenery along the way, it was a marvellous change.
   I think Lee (or Leah), was the only character that I've experienced that had aged a great deal throughout a book, besides aging throughout a series. With this, I found that more than one person could relate to her throughout the book!
   As the book went on I found myself loving and hating characters more and more, I loved the different challenges the characters had to face, surviving being the hardest! For the girls/woman especially, back when this book takes place woman didn't have all the rights we have now. (or rather in the US/CA anyway) It was empowering to see how the woman stayed strong or how they proved their worth! I couldn't have been more admiring of Carson's woman!
   Walk on Earth a Stranger was definitely worth a read! Well paced and well written, passing on reading this book would be a big mistake.
   I will definitely be picking up the sequel next year, when it releases!

   You can find my review on McNally Robinson's Two Thumbs Up review page here.


Favourite Quote:

"Is it wrong to be wanted?" - Lee

Recommend to People Who Enjoy:

Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, The Gold Rush, Travel, Magic

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  1. I like adventure novels too! I'm a firm believer that it's all about the journey, not the destination!


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