Friday, September 30, 2016

September Wrap Up 2016

   This month was a whirlwind of everything. I started University,  I officially started my year being a part of MYRCA, and a bunch more things. It was all very exciting and nerve-wracking, all at once. You could say that it was a lot to take in. 
   The month started off with me starting school, so with a lot of money spent later. I'm going to the University of Winnipeg, enrolled in their Rhetoric Joint Communications Program with another local school, Red River Collage. The program has many streams, I'll be going through the Business stream in order to eventually be able to work in publishing as a publicist. With not really being a school person, it hasn't really been my favourite. But I guess another 5 years isn't a whole lot of time. 
   So with being out of High School, and starting technically, the second part of my life, I decided a change was in order. So roughly $150 later, I am now the proud owner of a nose piercing and short hair. They've both been great so far, shoving my nose in warm salt water twice a day hasn't been ideal, but soon enough that will be over, and I'll be able to rock a nose ring. I'm really excited to see how that turns out.
Kenneth Oppel accepting the award
   I had my first MYRCA meeting at the beginning of the month, as well as hosting our award ceremony for the Winner of last year. The winner ended up being Kenneth Oppel with his book, The Boundless. The ceremony turned out phenomenally, all the kids had a great time. In order to be invited to the ceremony, the children had to have read a majority of the nominated books. In the end, most of the kids had already read The Boundless, so they were overjoyed to meet Kenneth. He started off with reading a passage from the book, then went on to talk about the backstory from the book, and talking about the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He then went on to have a Q&A with a bunch of the students.  Having been in charge of the Twitter account for MYRCA, during the event, I posted a lot of pictures and videos from the event. After the ceremony he went onto doing a signing for the kids, and when it was time for him to go, MYRCA threw together a Scavenger Hunt for the kids to enjoy, featuring characters from last years nominees.
   Kenneth was a joy to meet, he had such a sense of humour! I was lucky enough to have had dinner and lunch with him, as well as a bunch off other members from the group. With The Boundless being about a train, we ended just discussing trains and my trip to Churchill, Manitoba for a majority of the time. It was a blast to have had the chance to have seen him so many times!
   Between MYRCA, and University I didn't really get to chance to read a lot this month. Yes I know my read pile looks pretty big, but a majority of those books were from the beginning of the month when school had yet to start. Oops. After reading and doing a book report for one of my classes, I should be able to read whatever I want. *eyes Empire of Storms and Heartless*
   That was my month, October is sure to be just as busy, so I'm sorry if the blog is going to be lacking a bit. I promise that I'm slowly getting into the routine of things, and that I'll be able to post more in the future!

   Now for the bookish stats!

Books Read:

Book Haul:

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel (Signed Paperback)

A huge thank you to Raincoast Books, Calla, and OwlCrate for the phenomenal
books this month!

Books Reviewed:

October Books I'm Excited For:

   That was September! Now to mentally start preparing myself for October!

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