Monday, May 12, 2014

Harlequin and Harper Collins


   HarperCollins publishing had purchased Harlequin publishing, I know many people have their own opinions about the matter but this one kind of hit home a bit so I wanted to state my own.

  Last year Safeway Canada was bought by the company Sobeys. Safeway and Sobey's are both major grocery stores in Canada. They are like the Target and Walmart of the US, even though we have both of those here they are just not as popular. Anyhow in the purchase Safeway lost a lot customer wise. Like most business, companies want to safe as much money as possible. So they usually do this by shortening the employees work shifts, lesser pay, firing people, not hiring enough people, you know how that works. With not enough people on the floor, customers would complain and everything would become stressful for the employees that still remained. Till finally they sold the company. 
   What does this mean? Well for one, my mother has worked at Safeway for 30 years, give or take a few. My family knew right away that lots of things were going to change. Which they did.

   What does this have to do with Harper Collins and Harlequin? Well with Safeway selling, Sobey's had said they weren't going to change anything (Sound familiar? 'Harper Collins') But soon enough things started changing. More people then before lost jobs, more people were loosing shifts, etc. Along came with the fear that what if they decided to fire all the Safeway employees and just hire new Sobeys ones instead? My moms biggest fear was that for the pay she was receiving the company could hire two other people instead, even if they weren't as experienced. 
   Things started to change so much that now they are officially changing over all the Safeways to Sobeys. Along with this a lot of new rules, every employee was going to have to be trained again so that they knew how Sobey's wanted the place run.

   My worries for Harlequin is that what if Harper changes everything? They are currently saying that Harper Collins will continue to be run from New York and Harlequin from Toronto. But Sobey's said the same thing in the beginning, Harper could change their minds at anytime. The number one thing I am worried about with this selling is Harlequin Teen. 

   As you all know I am a Teen Book Blogger, and that Harlequin Teen Publishing is my favourite Teen publishing company. They do things differently then HarperTeen does, one of the biggest differences being that Harlequin mostly does paperback and Harper always doing Hardcover first. But no matter the differences between the two, Harper has the biggest area dedicated to young adult novels, with Harper Teen publishing and a whole social media inter prize dedicated to spreading the word about their books (Epic Reads) they've practically have the Teen market covered. What if they decide they don't need to have Harlequin Teen anymore? What if they think it's not worth the money anymore? 

  Even if they don't get rid of Harlequin Teen there is so much more they could get rid of or change. No matter what they say, they have the power now if one little thing bothers them it could all change.

  Thanks for listening to my rant guys,

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  1. I will say I rather enjoyed this rant, aside from the fact that I don't think you should worry because where as with the safeway and Sobeys situation, Sobeys would still make money even by changing the system of management. If Harper Collins were to get rid of or change harlequin teen, they would seriously risk losing big money. So I'd think of it as marvel and Disney. Even though Disney owns marvel now, nothing changed, they still make marvel movies and Disney leaves them alone. Because by doing this they make maximum profit and keep core fans


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