Saturday, May 3, 2014

Readathon Time!

Hello All!

   I have some exciting news for you,  I will be hosting my first ever Readathon! I will be Co-Hosting with the lovely Jessica from Just a Booklover. (Btw she's my favourite)

   Which books are we reading? Well I'm glad you asked! 

   May 6th is next week, the 6th has so many amazing releases coming out. THE WARRIOR by Victoria Scott is one of them. THE WARRIOR is the last book in the Dante Walker trilogy, so to celebrate we are going to read the trilogy!

   The Details:

   ~ The Readathon will be from the 9-16th of May, The Warrior releases on the 6th so you guys will have plenty of time to go out and buy your copy!

   ~ We will be reading all three books within those dates. The book order goes as following (Right to left):

GoodReads Link

   ~ While reading the books, tweet your process using the hashtag #ReadDanteWalker on Twitter, or even your favourite non-spoilery quotes! 

   ~ Jess and I will have two different sites running for discussion! A Facebook group and a GoodReads group. ( We will both be running a different site each, with some help from one other. I run the GoodReads group and Jess runs Facebook one.)

   **Here are the links, but please note the discussions will not start until the 9th.

          Facebook                 GoodReads

   ~ On the 16th we are going to have a Twitter party! The details are not completely final yet, more info is to come.

   ~ We are also going to have an AMAZING couple of giveaways! There will be a winner for each of the sites we are using for discussion. So there will be a winner for Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter. Then we're are going to have another 2 more giveaways at the Twitter party:)

   That's it my lovelies! Go off and get your copies of the Dante Walker Trilogy and have your discussion questions ready! I hope you guys will be able to join us! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask Jess or I:)

Just note! There will be a second post with only the details posted on the 9th, the day the readathon starts!:) 

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