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Ohana Talks: German Edition Covers

German Edition Covers

   Like I said in my International Cover post, the first thing that normally catches people's eyes with books is their covers. Blogger's tend to see a lot of book covers in their lifetime, but with me I try to take some extra time to check out the German editions of covers as well as their English ones.
    I took 9 years of German in school, most of the time classes would do book reports. German class was not an exception. So when I got sucked into YA, I also got sucked into the german editions as well. So here are some of my favourite German editions!

( These are in no particular order.)

Steinerne Schwingen

White Hot Kiss

Jennifer L. Armentrout
MIRA Taschenbuch

What I Love:

   If you've read White Hot Kiss then you'd know that Layla's necklace has a big part in the story. So having the cover focus on the necklace then have Roth and Layla inside the necklace is perfect!

Von Der Nacht Verzabuert

Die for Me

Amy Plum
Loewe Verlag

What I Love:

   The uniqueness of the cover is inspiring. It's different from having a real life person on the cover and I find that the cover totally captures how I picture France to look. It also has artifacts from Vincent's era.

Falsche Versprechen


Richelle Mead
Lyx Egmont

What I Love:

   I find the design of burned edges beautiful, So this cover automatically draws me in. Between the model on the english covers and this one, but this model is how I picture Sydney. I don't know it is about her, but she's Sydney in my eyes.

Unsterblich. Tor Der Dämmerung

The Immortal Rules

Julie Kagawa
Heyne fliegt

What I Love:

   This one just calls to me.

Gefährten des Zwielichts

Night World: Soulmate

L.J. Smith

What I Love:

   The covers for this series have been with me a while, so because they are dear to me they of course are one of my favourites. It doesn't help that I actually have 2 different copies of them on my shelves.

   What are some of your favourite German book covers? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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