Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Liebster Award

   I was nominated by Kaitlin from Next Page Please! for the Liebster Award. (Sorry it took so long to actually do! I'm terrible when it comes to keeping up with tagged things;) With this award each post you're supposed to state 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions, nominate 11 people for the award and then ask them 11 questions. What a trend hey?

   A big thank you goes to Kaitlin for nominating me!

11 Facts about Myself:

1. I'm terrified of Mascots, it started when I was younger and has stuck with me till now. If I were to go to Disney Land I would probably die.

2. I have 2 younger sisters who torture me by torturing my books.

3. My first physical ARC was of If I Should Die by Amy Plum,

4. My best friend group refers to themselves as "The Croup".

5. I can't stand cuddling. I can't even cuddle with my dog, at this point even he can't stand cuddling with me.

6. I dyed my hair for 3 years, going from Ariana Grande red to brown to cranberry to brown with highlights.

7. I've always wanted a tattoo of an open book on my wrist. I've got one more year to go till I can finally get it!

8. I can't read more then one book at once, and can't understand how other people do it.

9. Getting physical mail gives me so much joy, it honestly makes me so happy that I tend to dance around for the rest of the day.

10. I can't stand Root Beer, it pains me to drink it.

11. I have no patience when it comes to cooking/baking. If I were to make cookies I'd start to make the dough. but will never get past making it because I just have to eat them right away. When I cook it's because I want to eat right away.

The 11 Questions Kaitlin asked me:

One thing you wish you knew about book blogging when you first started?
   That there are so many different types of book bloggers out there, that I didn't have to try and be all of them at once. 

What is a book someone has spoiled for you?
   I am always on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, no matter where I look something big or something small is always spoiled for me. Sometimes I just have to remember not to look up a book that I haven't read yet, especially the recent released ones. So no one book has been spoiled for me but rather a bunch of mini things in books have.

First book you fell in love with?
   New Moon by Stephenie Meyer! It was the book that got me started on reading!

A series that should be turned into a TV show?
   I'm not a big fan of TV adaptions, because they ALWAYS tend to stretch the original story or just take bits and pieces of the original story. *Cough* Vampire Diaries *Cough*, so I wouldn't want any series to be turned into a show.

What is your literary name? (Your name + the last names of all the character's you've fallen in love with)
   I've never really thought about it, but whenever I think of a fictional name for myself I always use Redfern as a last name. So from the Night World characters James Redfern or Ash Redfern, or even the sisters.

What is a cover you would gladly redesign?
   The Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting, I think the flowers don't do the books justice.

If you were to write a blurb for one book, what would it be?
   Probably one of the Night World series books by L.J. Smith, the original blurbs are so sort.

Out of all the books you've read, what is one world/place you would gladly live in?
   I would either gladly live in the Night World (L.J. Smith) or the Shadowhunter world (TMI/TID by Cassandra Clare). There is enough peace for the world to have a nice kick to it.

Who is your literary twin?
   I have absolutely no idea, but on the spot I would say either Katy (Lux Series) or maybe Thea (Spellbinder).

Out of all the questions I just asked, which one was the hardest to answer?
   The literary twin one!

My 11 Questions:

1. What book has been on your TBR pile the longest?
2. What book have you heard a bunch about, but haven't actually read and meant too?
3.  What's your favourite drink to have while reading?
4. Where's your favourite reading spot?
5. What's your favourite book Tv/Movie adaption?
6. If you were a book character, which would you be?
7. What is the oldest book that you've read that is your favourite?
8. Who is your favourite character, and who would you have play them in a movie/TV show?
9. What is your favourite music to listen to when you read?
10. Do you own any bookish items besides books? If so, what do you have? (Ex. Phone case, pillow, necklace.)
11. If you were a book character, what would your story be about?

The 11 Blogs I Nominate:

Stephanie @ Doodle's Book Reviews
Jessica @ Stuck in Books
Heather @ Turning Pages
Amber & Jessica @ The Book Bratz
Meredith @ Pandora's Books
Dana @ Danasquare
Crystal @ Bookiemoji

   Thanks for stopping by!

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