Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ohana Book Theories: Insurgent Movie


Director: Robert Schwentke
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James
Expected: March 20th, 2015


   Tris and Four are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine, the leader of the Erudite elite. Racing against time, they must find out what Tris' family sacrificed their lives to protect, and why the Erudite leaders will do anything to stop them.

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Contains Book Spoilers:

   I don't have many theories for the Insurgent movie, because I like many others have read the books. With all the trailers, I do have a few questions and ideas though.
   What the heck is with that box? I was never a die hard fan for the sequel to Divergent but I do remember that the book never had anything to do with a box. So that is probably one of my biggest questions for the Insurgent movie, I think that box has something to do with the explanation video that we saw in the end of the Insurgent book, but at this point I honestly can't say.
   I feel like the book is going to be nothing but a distant memory when it comes to the movie but I'm still curious to see what Uriah looks like after they completely dropped him in the first movie. I am also excited to see the Amity and Candor compounds, otherwise besides those and Uriah I will only be seeing Insurgent in support of YA movie adaptions.

   Those are my theories about Insurgent, what are yours? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! I don't have many theories about it either. I haven't been keeping up with it much, but I'm not very worried that it won't be done well. I'll probably like it just as much as I liked Divergent. :)

    1. See, I wasn't even a fan of the movie: /


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