Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Bookish Places to Visit with Ana Loves..

  The Summer Blogger Promo Tour was created by The Book Bratz as a fun way to promote blogs and make blogger friends.

Today I have Ana from Ana Loves... !

   Ana is a blogger from Florida who is utterly obsessed with Netflix and Starbucks Frappuccinos . She blogs and bakes to calm herself, and can never get enough of books!

   Today Ana will be telling us all about the bookish places she'd love to visit! So I'll let her take over!

   Aloha everyone, I’m so excited to be on Stephanie’s awesome blog today! My name is Ana and I’m a YA/NA book blogger. When I’m not reading, baking, or Netflix-ing I like to plan fun trips and dream vacations. Unfortunately I’ve never been to any of the trips I planned, but I will someday. Most of the trips I plan are inspired by places I’ve visited in books as well as popular bookstores. Here are ten bookish places I want to visit:

-The Strand Bookstore – I’ve probably been to NYC hundreds of times but I’ve never stepped foot in this infamous store. 

-The Last Bookstore – Based on the pictures I’ve seen, this store looks like a book lover’s dream come true. 

-Point Zero (Paris) – Believe it or not I’ve never heard of Point Zero until I read Anna and the French Kiss. Since then I’ve been dying to visit with a copy of the book.

-Blackfriars Bridge (London)Jessa, that’s all I have to say.

-Kings Cross StationHarry Potter is the reason I love fantasy, so I’d love to see where the journey all began for Harry.

-Las Vegas – I’ve never had the desire to visit Vegas until I read The Secret Diamond Sisters. The books were so fun and really made me want to experience Vegas for myself.

-Alaska – I want to see the Northern Lights like a certain character in Let’s Get Lost.

-Amsterdam – It wasn’t till I read The Fault in Our Stars that I had the urge to visit this beautiful city.

-Funky Bones – Once again, TFIOS inspired this sudden urge to see this piece of artwork. After looking up images online I realized how cool it will be to just spend a relaxed day there.

-Any Beach Town – I fell in love with the idea of going to a beach town after reading The Last Song (especially in the summer!) It seems that it’ll be fun to go out on the boardwalk and hang out with new people every night.

Thanks so much Stephanie for having me on your blog! 

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A big thanks to everyone for stopping by! I can't wait to show you what I have in store for next week!


  1. Ana wrote about such fun places! I actually had a chance to go to the Strand but made a stupid move and ended up not being able to go. :( Kings Cross and Point Zero are two very interesting places I would love to go to though. I have been to Las Vegas a few times and unfortunately, I can never enjoy my time there. It definitely sucks going there when you can't gamble and stuff haha. Alaska is also a place I would love to go as well, especially for the Northern Lights!


    1. Honestly I'd die just love to visit Europe, Jessa for one, but also for a few other bookish places:)


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