Sunday, July 24, 2016

Book Review: Burning by Danielle Rollins

Release Date: April 5th, 2016
Read: July 5th-8th, 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury US Childrens
Series: N/A
Format: ARC, 352 pages
Source: McNally Robinson/ Two Thumbs Up Program

Description from GoodReads:

   After three years in juvie, Angela Davis is just a few months shy of release, and she'll finally be free from the hole that is Brunesfield Correctional Facility. Then Jessica arrives. Only ten years old and under the highest security possible, this girl has to be dangerous, even if no one knows what she did to land in juvie. As strange things begin happening to Angela and her friends that can only be traced to the new girl's arrival, it becomes clear that Brunesfield is no longer safe. They must find a way to get out, but how can they save themselves when the world has forgotten them? 


Contains Minor Spoilers:

   Monsters are more interesting than heroes.
   Burning was just a random book that I picked up at McNally Robinson for their Two Thumbs Up Program. At first I really intrigued by the premise, but eventually as I started reading it, my opinion started to change.
   I find a lot of the times with standalone's, that there will always be a loose end or two that the author never wrapped up because they had too much else to wrap up. Burning was one of those books for me, I didn't understand why half the stuff in the novel were necessary, or why they even existed. Like SciGirls, or the super powers, I just didn't understand their significance or the point of having them at all. Where did the powers come form? Why was it a big deal to be able to give them to other people? Burning left me with more questions than what I started with.
   Then there was Ben, a new Detention Officer who was super young and obviously had to fall for our main character. A novel doesn't have to always have a love interest in it, especially when it was so unnecessary like this one was.
   Finally, probably the thing I liked best about Burning, was that Angela didn't have the stereotypical body size like most YA girls do. It was lovely to see a change, and not have it made such a huge deal about, even the subtle things were perfect about it. There are so many different body types in this world, one way or another we have to get over that there isn't one body type that is "normal", and not treat them like they're such a big deal.
   Burning wasn't my favourite book, it was an interesting read but I won't end up picking it up again to read for a long time.


Favourite Quote:

"The wolves in the woods aren't any worse than the wolves in here."

Recommend to People Who Enjoy:

Young Adult, Paranormal, Horror, Mystery,  Superpowers, Woman's Prison, Juvie

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