Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Wrap Up 2016

   July was busy, busy, busy. There was never a dull moment. Starting with celebrating Canada Day with friends, then our annual schools over clean up, (We do a huge clean up of our house), celebrating my sisters birthday, working, wisdom teeth removal, camping, like I said, it was jam packed. 
   The two things that took up most of my time were my surgery and my camping trip. With school being done, I finally got my wisdom teeth removed and was able to stay at home for a good amount of days. My friends were fabulous, a few of my close friends came and visited me on multiple days bringing ice cream, popsicles, and season 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. It was a good couple of days, if you didn't count the constant pain in my jaw, and not being able to eat solid foods. 
   For camping, my family and I went to a somewhat close campground with family friends of ours. We were gone a week, and I pretty much got all my reading done within that week.  When I wasn't reading, we watched horror movies, and went fishing. Then there was the couple times we walked through a clay path and became walking grey beings, and jumped off a cliff into the lake. 
   Then finally, the last week of the month was jam packed with trying to kick my sister out of the house so that we could plan her Harry Potter Surprise Party. Which took place yesterday, we had her party in the morning then headed out to the official Harry Potter Party that was being hosted by McNally Robinson in honour of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child's release! We had Mandrake Cupcakes, a Wanted Wizard Photo Booth, and we tie dyed a Hogwarts House Crest Shirt with our house colours! It was great, and boy was my sister surprised. 
   Overall, it was phenomenal day and I think my sister was over the moon happy. And that was my month! August will be almost as packed, but either way I'm super excited!

Harry Potter Party

   Now for this months stats!  

Books Read:

Book Haul:

The Hunt by Megan Shepherd (ARC)
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge (ARC)
As I Descended by Robin Talley (ARC)
In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken (Paperback)
United As One by Pittacus Lore (Hardcover)
Ice Kised by Amanda Hocking (Paperback)

A huge thank you to McNally Robinson and their Two Thumbs Up program, and Vivien from @deadtossedwaves for trading me The Hunt on #BooksForTrade!

Books Reviewed:

August Books I'm Excited For:

   That's it for July! I got a quite a bit of reading done if I say so myself! Hopefully August will be the same way!

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