Monday, May 23, 2016

BEA 2016: Day 1

   Day 1 of BEA consisted mostly of stress and excitement more than anything. Being my first BEA, I didn't know what to expect. With an already pe-organized schedule to help us with everything from the time signings were at, to where everything was going to take place. What could go wrong right? Wrong.

   One thing I definitely didn't expect was the large amount of people already in line to get into the convention, or the herd of people trying to get everywhere all at once, once we were let in. Because I was traveling with Stephanie (Doodle's Book Reviews), she ended up having to hold onto my backpack just she wouldn't loose track of me!
Stephanie, Michael DiMartino

   From the minute we entered the convention floor, we thought that we knew where we were headed. But unfortunately the first signing we were headed to, was postponed till the following day so we ended up wandering until our next signing, which was at 2pm. BEA opened at 1pm the first day, unlike the other two. Our first signing ended up being for Michael DiMartino, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. Not having been a fan since I was younger, I got a signed copy of his Middle Grade novel, Rebel Genius for my obsessed friend.

   From there I went onto figuring out what ARC drops were, and ended up getting over half of my final BEA haul on day 1. (1. Advance Readers Copy, 2. ARC drops are when a publisher picks a time to pull out a particular ARC or two to put in a large pile for people to take.) You *might* even say that I went a little overboard with all my ARC grabbing...

   My favourite ARC haul from day 1 would have to be Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin, I adored Wolf by Wolf back in October 2015. So I honestly couldn't have been happier to have won it in a Little Brown Dice Game, where is was random what book you received, out of four options.

   Not being used to standing in lines for long periods of time, those four hours of being on the floor were brutal. The first day, the floor was open from 1pm-5pm. But in the end Steph and I were both satisfied with the ARCs that we received.

  One of my favourite moments from the first day of BEA was when we first entered the convention centre and there were TONS of HUGE posters everywhere advertising upcoming books. They were GORGEOUS!

   Short and sweet, the first day of BEA went by very fast and both prepared us mentally and physically for the next two days of BEA that we had yet to experience.

BEA Day: 1 Book Haul

   Sounds like a lot happened right? And that was first day! Just wait till you hear about what happened in the days that followed!

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