Friday, October 31, 2014

October Wrap Up

Friend Pam on the left
Me the right.
      The end of October has come! The end of the month obviously bringing Halloween! I was a Zombie Hunter with my neighbours and sisters, I sort of look like a female version of Daryl Dixon. What were you all for Halloween? Any bookish costumes?
   While on the topic of Halloween, I'm sorry about not having a Halloween post this year, I've been very busy school wise and packing for YALLFest! School has been mentally draining lately.
   YALLFest is next week and I am dying of excitement, I almost have all the books I need ready to go. (*cough* 16) Now all I need to do is pack my clothes and finalize my schedule. If you're going to YALLFest send me your schedule and I'll get back to you with mine! I will also be at the blogger meet up on the 7th, let me know if you are too!
   Funny story, when I first told my Spanish teacher about not being at school for YALLFest most of my class overheard. So now I swear they are more excited about me going to YALLFest then I am, and believe me I'm excited! They also call me YALLFest now, along with asking me daily how much longer till YALLFest. Suffice to say my Spanish class is crazy.
   With YALLFest so close I finally pushed myself to read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. My goodness, I just don't have any words to describe that series. A review will definitely be up soon for Lux Beginnings.
   Finally I got my second book request in the mail the other day, I got Eternal by C.C Hunter from St. Martin's Press. So expect a review for that up soon as well!

   That's all for this month! Now for my bookish stats!

(P.S If I owe you a review for your book, or a review in general I will have those done soon! I was just trying to get as many books read for YALLFest that I could. Sorry about that!) 

Books Read in October:

November Releases I'm Excited For:

Book Haul for October:

Library Book Haul:

Book Reviewed:

Movies Reviewed:

   That's it for this month! Expect a long list of awesomeness in next months post, It'll probably be all about YALLFest(;

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