Monday, November 3, 2014

YALLFest Hiatus!

 Hello everybody!

   As many of you all know, YALLFest is coming up! Friday to be exact! My family along with I are going to be flying down from Manitoba to participate! With the trip going to be taking up most of my time,

This is what you guys should know

   because I will be in a different country I will not have any data to go online as often as I normally do. This means my access to social media will be limited, besides being at my hotel in the early morning or at night the only times I will be online is if I happen to be a cafe with wifi. So don't expect a lot from me on Twitter.

   I will have blog posts ready while I am away. If anything were to change on my blog in the next bit, it would be after I return from my trip because I would need to catch up on homework.

   There will be multiple trip posts scheduled for the end of November, so you will be able to read about my adventures there.

   If you are curious about my schedule for YALLFest, as in which panels or signings I am going to there will be a post on either Thursday or Friday on the blog.


   Thanks for understanding guys! I can't wait to tell you about my bookish adventures and all the delicious food I'll have tasted(;



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