Friday, November 21, 2014

Ohana Talks: International Covers

   The first thing that normally catches people's eyes with books is their covers. Over the years you tend to see a lot of them, but along the way authors tend to post the covers for the different editions of their books. Being in a German immersion for 9 years of my life, I needed to do a German book report or two. Thus me discovering International editions of books. While I have multiple German favourite covers, these are five of my favourite international covers.

( These are in no particular order.)

The Secret Diamond Sisters

Australian Edition

Michelle Madow
Harlequin Teen AUS

What I Love:

   When you think about Las Vegas, you tend to think of gambling, dice games, or card games. So of course it makes sense that the suits of a card deck would be on the cover! The 3D shapes of the different suits is incredible! Along with the simplicity of it all, the AUS cover for The Secret Diamond Sisters is easily a favourite of mine.

If I Stay

Indonesian Edition 

Gayle Forman
Gramedia Pustaka Utama 

What I Love:

   The snowfall is somewhat a major factor in the events that occurred in If I Stay. So to me the scene in this cover photo could have been what was happening around the accident.


Spanish Edition

Marissa Meyer
Circulo de Lectores 

What I Love:

   For the Spanish cover of Cinder, this is what I think the American cover should have looked like. It is almost the exact same as the American one but with one difference, the shoe is red rather then clear/crystal. In the original story of Cinderella the shoes is always crystal clear, besides the fact the the American cover matches the Scarlet and Cress cover's better with red. I still enjoy the crystal heels better.

Die for Me

German Edition

Amy Plum
Loewe Verlang 

What I Love:

   The german Die for Me cover reminds me of what I picture Europe would like be in the second World War. That's the time Vincent is from, so it'd make sense that way. It also has the hint of France to it, the street, the Eiffel Tower, the french silhouettes. The feel of the cover is more of a picture feel rather then a book cover feel.

My True Love Gave to Me

UK Edition

Edited by Stephanie Perkins
Macmillan Children's Books

What I Love:

   Once again, I adore covers with simplicity. When you think of Christmas, Christmas lights are one of the main things of the Holiday to spread cheer. So with the lights arranged in the shape of a heart it truly brings out the theme of My True Love Gave to Me.

   What are some of your favourite International book covers? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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