Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Wrap Up!


   In some ways November was a slow month, and in some ways I accomplish a ton. I didn't get a lot
of things done blog wise as you guys can see. Not many books read, missing a few days when it came to posting, etc. But on the other hand I finally had YALLFest this month, which took up a lot of my time along with catching up on homework that I missed from the trip. There was also a problem when it came to my school, so you could definitely say that school was taking up the rest of my free time. 
   YALLFest in all was such an incredible experience, and I am going into more detail in my two YALLFest posts along with my post for the Compulsion Tour which I promise are coming soon. ( First post) So I won't go into much here, but my god guys. I bought/got so many books signed at YALLFest it was unbelievable. Seeing so many authors in one spot at the same time was so exhilarating! I seriously had the time of my life.
   My hopes for December are that I hope to finish at least half of the books that I got in my book haul for this month, and that some of the things I have planned for you guys will actually happen! You'll hear about these soon! I'm excited about these so I hope you will be too!
   Also just a heads up! Ohana Reads's Blogiversary event is going to be the first few days after the new year, expect giveaways and maybe even a video or chat of some sort!

   That's all for this month, let's hope for a warm December this year! 

Books Read in November:

December Releases I'm Excited For:

Book Haul for November:

Book Reviewed:

Movies Reviewed:

That's it for this month my lovelies! Until next month!

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