Thursday, November 6, 2014

YALLFest Schedule


   YALLFest is tomorrow and I'm out of my mind excited! I got into Charleston on Wednesday, so I've already been able to enjoy the scenery and visited a few places! Anyhow, I know a bunch of my online blogger friends are going to be here as well. So I thought I'd post my Friday and Saturday schedule here! If you're going to be at some of the same panels or signings with me let me know! I'd love to say hi!


3:00pm- 5:00pm
(Going in this order, times will very on line lengths)
~Magnifilous Toy Emporium~  James Dashner
~ Big Tent~ Kiera Cass
~Mose Boutique~ Lauren Oliver


10:00am ~ Music Hall~ Opening Keynote 
James Dashner & Sara Zarr

11:00am ~ Train ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout

11:00am ~ Court ~  Danielle Paige

11:00am-12:00pm ~ Theater~ Veronica Roth

12:00pm ~ Train~ Scott Westerfield

1:00pm ~ Tent ~ Gayle Forman

1:00pm ~ Tent ~ Becca Fitzpatrick

2:00pm ~ Train ~ Kami Garcia 
( I have tickets to be first in line, I won't be here long)

2:00pm ~ Train ~ Margaret Stohl

3:00pm ~ Theater ~ Rainbow Rowell

4:00pm ~ Music Hall ~ Hollywood Stories
Authors talk film/TV adaptions


4:00pm ~ Tent ~ Sarah J. Maas

4:00pm ~ Tent ~ Carrie Ryan
(Still haven't decided yet.)

5:00pm ~ Music Hall ~ Closing Keynote
Sarah Dessen & Ally Condie

6:00pm ~ Music Hall ~ YA Smackdown Feat. Tiger Beat

   I know there were so many other authors to meet and have books signed, but unfortunately I had to focus on the authors of the books I already had purchased. 

  Once again come find me at any of these signings or panels, I'd love to meet you! 
   Also! If you are going to the Martina Boone Launch event on November 9th, then you are more then welcome to hang out with me there as well!

   Have fun at YALLFest everyone who is going!

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